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Gail Truitt LICSW

Tools Box: Theories and Techniques

I began my career as a Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) Therapist, addressing what people think and what they do.


I also use Solution Focused Therapy philosophy, a brief therapy technique

System’s theory– how people function in the system of their family, their workplace, their faith, their culture.


More recently, I’ve added EMDR– Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing,


Energy Psychology is a combination of clinical psychology and the energy channels used in Chinese medicine and accupuncture to make positive shifts in beliefs and feelings.  (no accupuncture needles are used).


And Thought Field Therapy to my tool box, that help move beliefs from the automatic part of the brain to the thinking part of the brain where we can make more lasting change and address fears.


I interweave your present with what happened in the past, talking with doing, listening and teaching.


I use humor whenever possible,

pictures and analogies to explain concepts,

encourage writing and art as ways to explore thoughts and feelings,

give homework assignments.

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